25 June 2011

Holiday mood

My Man of Wonder arrived a few days ago.  After a wonderful family supper - and discovering I've passed all this semester's modules - we're going on holiday for a bit.

The plan includes much sleep, new recipes, wandering around mountains, and generally spending as much time hugging as possible.  Living on opposite sides of the country can get old really, really quickly.

See you anon!

12 June 2011


Last night, an owl swooped over and perched on the roof not ten paces away.
The silent wings of this predator and
Her proud stance
Reminded me
of peace

My Lady, I thank you.

10 June 2011

Touching sides

I have all sorts of thinky thoughts happening in various shadowy corners of my brainmaze.  Unfortunately, they shut up as soon as my fingers hit the keyboard/pen. 

This is unfortunate, especially as I really do need to get one particular essay off my shoulders.  (It's to answer someone's question, but may devolve into a TMI-unless-you're-a-geek after the exams are over).

Yeah.  Exams.

One more to go.  I'm pretty confident about the past ones, even The Unholy Mess That Was Stats 372.  And about which I still need to format my complaint.  But yeah.  Right now I'm deeply involved in the biochemical mysteries of phytochromes and cytokinins.  (That's not snark; they're fascinating and I'm enjoying botany most of all my subjects.)  If I'm to actually give into the madness and apply for Honours, I need to do well in this one particularly.

I wish there were another way to get accurate assessments, without the performance anxiety.  I also wish that I'd discovered St John's Wort many years ago, but that's a whole 'nother ball of kidneys.