10 June 2011

Touching sides

I have all sorts of thinky thoughts happening in various shadowy corners of my brainmaze.  Unfortunately, they shut up as soon as my fingers hit the keyboard/pen. 

This is unfortunate, especially as I really do need to get one particular essay off my shoulders.  (It's to answer someone's question, but may devolve into a TMI-unless-you're-a-geek after the exams are over).

Yeah.  Exams.

One more to go.  I'm pretty confident about the past ones, even The Unholy Mess That Was Stats 372.  And about which I still need to format my complaint.  But yeah.  Right now I'm deeply involved in the biochemical mysteries of phytochromes and cytokinins.  (That's not snark; they're fascinating and I'm enjoying botany most of all my subjects.)  If I'm to actually give into the madness and apply for Honours, I need to do well in this one particularly.

I wish there were another way to get accurate assessments, without the performance anxiety.  I also wish that I'd discovered St John's Wort many years ago, but that's a whole 'nother ball of kidneys.

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