30 April 2010


(in keeping with the tone of this post, I had intended to upload this yesterday. Time, and a candle to light, got in the way. Oh well)

What happened to the week? No, really. We had a public holiday and all, but suddenly it's Friday. The irony is that I had more time on my hands when I was working. Except for the Male Bitchiest Boss From Hell, but that was a very long time ago.

So. Since last Friday I have completed two assignments (to spec, and on deadline), written two tests - no, I lie the first Biochemistry test was last Tuesday - and by next Friday I will have written three more of each. Assignments: Statistics, Ecology and Macro-evolution; Tests: Biochemistry Practical, Genetics and Evolution/Systematics. I am actually looking forward to the exams (starting in ten days) so that things will calm down: how weird is that? So tonight I updated way too many things, did research, and am finishing with embroidery to wind down my mind. Tomorrow the hamster hits the wheel bigtime.

Thank the gods for yoga yesterday.

Man of Wonder suggests that I am turning the needle too much in my embroidery, and that if I learn how to avoid this, my stitches & sheen will look much more even. This is a useful hint. When I can get my stitches to *be* even, I will start consciously looking at that. Picture to follow, I hope, to offer you too a chance to giggle. Sorry about the quality, CorelDraw 8 does not like Windows 7. And my budget does not like the idea of an upgrade.

That little dot is going to be on another mushroom. I had juuuuust enough thread left for it.

In other news, I have finally received my poor abused copy of Sunshine‡ back from my sister. Leading to a hilarious non-conversation+ as a result of her mishearing my "best vampire book ever" as "best novel ever." Now I love Robin McKinley, but that is taking things a little far, even for this fan. I don't think I'm capable of choosing a best novel ever. Maybe a Top Twenty, and that's a stretch. I am very happy to get it back, even though it meant fielding a misdirected clumsy attempt at pop psychology* on several hours way too few sleep.

Far from least: Blessed Samhain to all observers. (Practitioners? Applicable? Everyone who cares?) May the memories of your dear departed sustain, comfort and inspire you. And Blessed Beltaine, you folks up north. The finest excuse for a party I ever came across! :)

‡ it's really about prejudice, and identity, but it uses vampires to do it. Highly recommended and I reckon snots the knock out of Anne Rice. Sparkly things do not warrant a comparison.
+yes, that stolen McKinley phrase is exactly appropriate :)
*So I enjoy stories where the protagonist doesn't give up trying even though they are scared out of their minds and way out of depth. So what? What's to be snarky about that?

Music: Old Souls - Faith and the Muse

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