18 May 2010

and lo, a new phrase is coined.

Jodi Meadows is not afraid to put socks on her head.

And has some wise things to say about it.

It is amazing how our egos find ways to sneak in the old bugbear of, "what will the neighbours think?" There is always something, some topic, or hobby, or aspect of our careers, in which we want to be taken desperately seriously, and are secretly afraid that it's all rather silly (but don't let anyone know). Yes, my grammar got confused, but, you know, I think it's apt. Because as soon as we start thinking this way, we do get confused. We start thinking in feelings, and memories, and associations, and assumptions. The actual thought part of the process is drowned out by the fears and the assimilated societal norms (which are usually misunderstood anyway - I mean, how sophisticated can a five-year-old be?).

It's a big thing for me, so I have to ballsy up and do something goofy fairly regularly. Otherwise my fears would just overwhelm me and I'd end up curled in bed with the pillow on my head. That's not good. How would I do any embroidery, or reading, or ...?

So I say, all power to socks on the head! (And she's awesome anyway, so there.)

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