15 May 2010

Dance, dance, oh thou neurons - dance!

I'm in that happy state where the codeine is still working but I'm almost - almost - able to function. A few hours ago I would not have felt out of place having an earnest conversation with cottage cheese.

This is not all bad, though. I've found some lovely resources, inspirations and have decided what to do for Practical Brother's birthday. Now to Expand My Thread Stash! Yay!

Man of Wonder phoned to check up on me - am I lucky or what? - as he has done since the kidney infection was confirmed. Wednesday, or Thursday. Can't remember. But just the sound of his voice - just thinking of having heard his voice today - somehow manages to make it all okay, and if not okay, then not that important. One day, I will find out what I have done to earn love like this.

So. I'm delirious, and I'm so very screwed for the exams next week, but hey! - I'm still in love! It can't all be that bad!

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