12 May 2010

Hot Water Bottle

Yesterday was the first exam: genetics. It was very long, and I'm not happy with how I wrote, but I think I may have got 50 - 60% so thumbs are held. Next week will be Statistics and Ecology.

Man of Wonder and I had a lovely, long, no doubt expensive chat last night. Hearing his voice always makes me feel better. I miss him enormously.

And winter has arrived with a whump. I am walking around (and studying) with a hot water bottle permanently attached to my middle. It is helping my back immensely. I'm too young to feel this old!

It's still better than Johannesburg. I'm only wearing 4 layers so far, including jacket, and there's only 2 blankets on the bed plus duvet and sleeping bag.

I am so not made for European weather. I would never be able to survive there!

*later* It would appear that my stiff back is actually something squiffy going on in my pee system. So utterly what I needed right now. So I am dividing my time between woozy dreams and blearily reading up on statistics and ecology in bed, with the hot water bottle trying to work its magic. When I have money again I am going to head in medicine's direction.

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