18 May 2010


I was getting very worried about tomorrow's Ecology exam, because of the kidneys. I've lost about two weeks' study time in total, the first week from feeling generally grim and thinking it was 'only' sleeplessness, way too many deadlines, and that sort of thing, and the past week from being high on codeine all the time.

I was able to get through all today without drugs (Yay!) so my brain may function, but still. Today and tomorrow is not enough to cram the entire semester's worth of information.

But my lecturer is allowing me to substitute the term test mark. I didn't do brilliantly in it, but way better than I could expect tomorrow. And I reckon that I don't need the stress, and that it would be silly to pass on an opportunity like this, when I've really worked hard most of the year. And I'm now behind in the other subjects too, so there's that to account for also.

The next few weeks are going to be hard enough. So a tiny little virtual happy dance for a little good luck!

As soon as I can upload some embroidery, I will. But I've not had the brain for that, most of this month, so don't hold your breath.

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