21 May 2010

A Strange Week

I remembered to take my Vitamins today!  First time since last Wednesday.  Eish.

And I haven't taken any painkillers, aside from to sleep, in four days.  So things are really looking up.

This is a good thing, because I took Practical Brother to the hospital yesterday.  By the time he went into theatre a few hours later (why do they have to check in so early?) he had developed a huge fever.  In his words, his appendix had passed its use-by date.  Poor man.  And it was his birthday on Monday.  And he has to go to the USA next week for an extended business trip.  Fortunately a few colleagues are going with him, because he won't be able to drive for a while.  Apart form the other stuff that you go through recovering from abdominal surgery.

I was very worried, not least because my own appendectomy was the start of a very long, steep and yucky downward spiral.  May his recovery be easier and completely uncomplicated.

So, because I can't draw, and I needed distraction, I made him cookies.  Custard (Mark III) and Coffee-Cranberry-Chocolate Chip (Mark I).  And then worked on sekrit projects One and Two, sekrit because they're intended for somebody, not necessarily because they'll be super-awesome or anything.  Although anything I do or make or say is awesome.  Right?  Right?

Ahem.  Yes.

And today, I took my vitamins (yay!  I hate being in bitch mode), and got stuck into Biochemistry.  (And he's home tonight! Double yay!)

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